AAG petition results In construction of a morden block at Maranda Primary School

Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development Trust’s (COTRAD) efforts to catalyse infrastructural development in Masvingo Province have resulted in the construction of the first modern classroom block at Maranda Primary School in Mwenezi, a development projected to raise learning standards at this institution.

Responding to the lack of adequate infrastructure, the COTRAD Ward 9 Action for Accountability Group (AAG) wrote a petition to the councilor for Ward 9 Mr Gilbert Gondo and the Member of Parliament for Mwenezi West Honorable Lamson Matavire tasking them to address the infrastructural challenges facing Maranda Primary School. COTRAD also held a dialogue meeting at Maranda Business Centre on the 24th of January which was attended by Councilor Gondo and Hon Matavire where the electorate also got a chance to follow up on progress made at the institution.

As a result of the AAG petition, the councillor mobilised village heads and parents to mould bricks for the construction of a new modern block. The M.P on the other hand availed other building materials which helped in the construction of the new block at the school site. New modern toilets are also being constructed at the school site, a development which has brought happiness to the community. The classroom block under construction has reached roofing level and as confirmed by the councillor, Mr Gondo funds from plough back will be used to roof the classroom block.

In an interview with COTRAD, the headmaster for the school, Mr Saul Dube said that this was a welcome development although the roofing needs to be done urgently since incessant rains usually disrupt lesson activities resulting in failure of children to attend school for prolonged periods. He hailed the Ward 9 AAG which has vigorously pushed for infrastructural development around the ward.


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  1. am so happy with DAT....ndinotenda L Matavire. G Hondo..S Dube....rambai makadaro....