Cholera Outbreak Looms As Council Fails To Collect Refuse Due To Fuel Crisis

Cholera Outbreak Looms As Council Fails To Collect Refuse Due To Fuel Crisis

The shortage of fuel has hit Chivi Rural District Council to the extent that the local authority is failing to collect refuse. According to a survey carried out by Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD) Action for Accountability Groups (AAGs) in Chivi Central, ward 30, in March 2019 the local authority is failing to collect refuse at Chivi Growth Point due to the shortage of fuel. “The residents at the Growth Point have raised concern over the sharp increase in heaps of uncollected garbage and the re-emerging of illegal waste dump sites.

The situation is so pathetic and we are much concerned about the health of the people. The garbage heaps are piling up in most public places, dumping sites are resurfacing and this might result in the outbreak of diseases such as cholera and typhoid here in Chivi,” a COTRAD AAG has revealed. “Due to prevailing fuel crisis, we are unable to follow our garbage collection schedules. We are working on the issue – once we secure fuel allocations the council will resume garbage collection as scheduled. We kindly urge our residents to bear with us as we try to find fuel. Please note that we do not have special allocations or fuel reserves,” said Mr Ncube, the Chivi Rural District Council Human Resources Manager. Mr Ncube has urged the residents to keep their refuse bins at their usual places since the collection process is expected to resume any time.

The AAGs have urged the council to purchase fuel storage tanks to ensure constant availability of fuel so that the council business will not be compromised. The residents also blamed the council for failing to maintain council refuse collection tracks which are grounded since 2017. The AAGs expressed that the council is now incurring extra-costs by hiring refuse collection tracks.

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