Petitioned Councillor refurbishes Nyamukapa Bridge

The  2014 rain season severely damaged the bridge connecting Machingambi area  of Ward 16 to Jerera and other parts of Zaka hence connectivity virtually  became impossible. Through a series of intervention strategies in the form of community dialogues facilitated by the COTRAD young people raised  concerns around lack of infrastructural development in this part of Zaka District,  with attention going towards the refurbishment of the Nyamukapa bridge.

COTRAD conducted follow up sessions and capacity building of young people on tools of engagement and accountability leading to the formation of AAGs and the creation of portfolios within the AAG grouping. The Infrastructural development portfolio engaged the councilor Mr Amon Mavhurira during a 2014 dialogue meeting held at Machingambi high  School on the need for rehabilitation of all road networks in the district.

A follow up petitioned was served to the Councillor which resulted in the rehabilitation of the Nyamukapa bridge. In response to the petition, the councilor raised the motion through a full council meeting dated 20 December 2014, a stance which has resulted in the upgrading of Nyamukapa Bridge.

Speaking during a community dialogue meeting held in the same ward on Friday the 30th of January 2015, Mr Mavhurira confirmed that he had indeed considered the AAG’s plea as a number one priority and the refurbishment of the bridge had been a result of both council efforts and also ploughback proceeds which had been used to buy cement for the renovations.Residents from this area said that they were happy with the development and expected the leadership to uphold this level of responsiveness in all future emergencies.

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