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Tokenism Increased Voter registration in Mwenezi..?

Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD) Expressed grave concern over the lack of voter education and use of government food aid in mobilizing villagers to register to voter ahead of the April 8 by –election. Mwenezi East Villagers expresses that villagers were registering after being promised government food aid and or other material things by political parties. The villagers reported that, Zanu PF donations were given to the party faithful members who have registered to vote.
The villagers stated that opposition parties-Free Zimbabwe congress and National Constitutional Assembly have employed the same strategy by giving party T-shirts to those registered voters promising to vote for them. Tinaye shoko of Chingani Area ward 5 states that, all the contesting political parties were mobilizing people to register to vote, if one comes with the proof that s/he has registered was getting material benefit from the party one supports. However, another analytical lenses …