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Health hazard looms in Chivi as the Council fails to collect refuse.

Chivi residents have blamed the local district council over health risk looming due to refuse collection failure in Chivi growth point. A social audit by Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD) Action for Accountability Groups (AAGs) in Chivi Growth Point’s locations revealed that garbage has not been collected for a long time and residents have created their own illegal dumpsites. COTRAD AAGs stated that the illegal dumpsites and garbage which are abandoned piling up in the streets has left the people at health risk. The AAGs who engaged the Council management on the issue were told that the district council refuse collection truck is malfunctioning.
The residents expressed their worry over health issues urging the council to prioritize human well-being on their day to day business. “The situation here is pathetic, refuse bins are not collected for weeks, pampers and other garbage are found everywhere around the growth point. The …