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Zaka residents’ voices heard as Rural District Council refurbish Magwede Bridge
The residents of Zaka district ward 19 have acknowledged the responsiveness of local leaders to community social accountability demands, as the Zaka Rural District council prioritized the refurbishment of Magwede Bridge a long time request by Zaka Residents. The bridge was revamped with the plough back funds disbursed by the RDC. The social audit conducted by Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD) Action for Accountability Groups (AAGs) has revealed that service delivery has been hampered by the lack of a proper bridge at Magwede, school children were inconvenienced during rain seasons, old people and women were in a difficult situation, people were using long roots to and from Jerera Growth Point.
The community engagement meetings facilitated by COTRAD between villagers and public officials helped Zaka residents to demand the rehabilitation of Magwede Bridge and resuscitation of dilapidating roads with the development levy – plough back funds. Zaka Central Constituency ward …