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Government Of Zimbabwe Intensifies Move To Thwart Operations Of Civic Society Organisations in Masvingo

In a bid to close space for NGOs in Masvingo District the Masvingo District Administrator Mr Hove suspended the operations of Community Tolerance Reconciliation And Development (COTRAD) a youth oriented NGO based in Masvingo. The suspension is on allegations that COTRAD failed to meet registration requirements and were engaging in political activities. This crackdown has left thousands of beneficiaries without services which were provided by COTRAD. COTRAD has been capacitating youth with skills to monitor and hold duty bearers accountable as well as facilitating youth and women friendly platforms where leaders are held accountable.
This suspension follows proclamations by the president of Zimbabwe Emerson Mnangagwa on 16 February 2019 during a ZANU PF Thank You Rally held in Mwenezi District that government was going to discern upon CSOs perceived to have participated in the 14 January 2019 ZCTU mass stays which were due to the 150% fuel increase. This crackdown …